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        Live Chat
        Live Chat

        If you are located in the USA, you are welcome to complete this form. Please contact a Univar Solutions office closest to your area if you are located in Canada, Mexico, Europe or Asia.

        We are sorry we missed you! Our Chat representatives are available Monday to Friday 8-5 EST and are closed to observe major US Holidays.

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        Chemicals and innovative solutions for agricultural markets

        Univar Solutions proudly partners with independent agricultural retailers, providing the products, expertise, and support to help them succeed in highly competitive environments.

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        With a history of distribution excellence, Univar Solutions is keenly positioned to meet your chemical and related innovative product needs for the agricultural marketplace. We provide crop protection, seed and nutrient products, and services to the cereal, oilseed, specialty crop, and horticultural and specialty markets.

        Through our Future Transfer and TAGMA divisions, we provide segments of the crop protection industry with storage, packaging, and logistics services. Products for vegetation management in forestry, industrial sites, and rights-of-way (e.g., pipelines, roadsides, power lines) are provided by our Univar Solutions’ Environmental Sciences.

        With one of the distribution industry's largest private fleets, expert logistics, and supply chain support, you can count on Univar Solutions to meet all your agriculture ingredient needs.

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